Obama Rally

One thing that the president should always be able to do well is speak.  Whether it’s to thousands of people, one foreign diplomat, or an entire nation, the way the president holds a conversation is vital.  Senator Obama would not disappoint.  His entire speech was emotional and well delivered.

One of the appeals I felt he did a very nice job of using was logos.  He was talking about the war in Iraq and I can’t remember the exact numbers were but his general idea was that we were spending billions of dollars on the war in Iraq.  He also said that since we had invaded, Iraq has hundreds of millions of dollars worth of surplus.  That’s just not right!  Obama put in a way that made it easy for the general audience to understand the logic behind his disagreement with the war in Iraq. 

The second appeal I thought he did a fabulous of incorporating was pathos.  The entire speech was emotional first off, so pathos was easy to find.  But the speech about getting the middle class back on track, especially in Michigan, not only got the crowd fired up, but Obama as well.  He said we needed to continue to emphasize the importance of education in America so one day, the U.S. can be looked at as the most inovative country in the world.  He guaranteed that if you made below $125,000 your taxes wouldn’t increase a dime, and that he would provide a package to help to auto industry get its wheels turning again.  Both major topics for almost everybody in Michigan.

All in all, I felt that Senator Obama did an outstanding job.  I was thrilled to get a chance to see him and I will, without a doubt, use my vote on him.


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