Cubs fans pain

The Lovable Losers


What is it that keeps Cubs fans so loyal year, after year, after year?  With their very quick exit from the playoffs (AGAI N) this year, it marks the 100th straight year that the Cubs have failed to win the World Series.  There will always be the “Next Year” signs across Chicago but when is it going to end?  I’ve only had to deal with the hardships of being a Cubs fan for 18 years and I’m about to give up.  I can’t imagine what the older generations of die-hard fans feel like.  Let’s go back over the last century and take a look at what keeps Cubs fans coming back for more, even after the point when they’ve had enough.

The first reason Cubs fans are so passionate about their team is because of the city itself.  Chicago has seen its fair share of great sports teams whether it’s the ’85 Bears dominating season or the 6 NBA championships that MJ, Scottie, and Rodman won.  Their city has been spoiled in the past and now they just expect greatness from the Cubbies. 

Another reason the Cubs are followed all over the US is because they have their own TV station, as well as the best looking ballpark in all of baseball.  You can turn on WGN and watch the Cubs from anywhere in the country I believe.  That in combination with the always beautiful day games played at Wrigley and the classic ivy along the outfield wall really makes you feel like there is no better place to be if you’re a baseball fan.

The last reason the Cubs are so popular across the country is because of the ties that people keep to this team.  If you have ever lived in Chicago or have cheered your heart out for the Cubs, you’ve probably had it broken as well, some point along the way.  You can’t help but remember the times that they crushed your dreams and ruined your spirits.  And until they finally win it all, you probably will never forget them.  America in general will always cheer for an underdog.  It seems we will always create a soft cozy spot of sentiment for the classic uphill battlers in life.  Now lots of times the Cubs have been favored and still end up choking late, just like this year,    but until they eventually do pull off the World Series, they’re always going to seem like an underdog and they’re always going to be, The Lovable Losers.


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