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For all you fans out there that bleed green, this one’s for you…


 As I continue through my first year at Michigan State I’ve decided to take a look at the major male sports and where they stand.  Many would argue that these are some of the best days that Spartan athletics have ever seen but I know there are better days to come.  The athletic director has done a fabulous job with his hirings and the overall setup for MSU sports.

This year I’ve had a blast going to the football games.  I’ve been to at least one game since I’ve been about six or seven, but it’s nothing like hanging out with your friends in the student section.  With Dantonio now at the helm Spartan football is about to go to a level it’s never been to before.  There is already an added interest on campus as shown by the extra seating added to the student section.  In terms of recruiting, Dantonio already has a nationally ranked class for  2009 and already has one of the best prospects in the Midwest for ’10.  Hopefully we can beat U of M and finish strong this year, and if we do, expect to see us in the Top 25 polls fairly consistently in the up and coming years. 

This past Friday I attended Midnight Madness at the Breslin.  I can honestly say I’ve never been more pumped for a MSU basketball season than I am right now.  With Raymar Morgan back for his junior year, the Spartans are in the preseason Top 10 and have one of the Top 10 Freshman in the country in Delvon Roe.  Next season we could be even better if Morgan stays.  The only big loss would be Suton, but we already have two 4-Star centers on the ’09 class.  We’re also expected to sign Jamil Wilson, a former 5-Star recruit who has dropped down to a 4-Star because of injuries, in the same class.  Having already seen a National Championship out of MSU I know that Izzo and the boys could do it again.  Hopefully we have a strong season and maybe earn a trip to play in the Final Four in Detroit this year.  As my friends and I always say, “In Izzo we trust”.

Now I don’t really follow much else other than the big two; basketball and football.  Wait, what is that? Hockey? Oh, by the way, we won a National Hockey Championship two years ago beating U of M and Notre Dame on the path to greatness. 

As I said before, the athletic director Mark Hollis deserves a lot of the credit by helping bring in Dantonio.  But it has been the combined efforts of Hollis and Izzo that has changed the MSU athletic culture.  They’ve gotten the students way more involved and now is as good of time as any to get excited about Michigan State sports.


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