35-21 Spartans

With this being my first chance to witness the MSU vs. UM rivalry in person as well as my first time being a student, I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited for something in my life.  The team had been a roll this year (other than the OSU game) and we were actually favored to win.  On top of that, we had a chance to almost certainly knock Michigan out of bowl contention for the first time in over 30 years.  This game had all the ingredients to make my weekend very special.

As I found my seat in the “Big House” I began to take it all in.  The stadium was already almost full and you could feel the anticipation.  As the captains walked out to meet each other at midfield, MSU won the toss and elected to receive.  A hesitation leaving the endzone on the opening kickoff left the Spartans with a long field to try and score.  It turns out it didn’t matter.  On the second or third play Hoyer threw a basic slant route to former walk-on Blair White.  White broke a tackle at around midfield and used his blazing speed to outrun the UM defense.  As soon as he scored, MSU fans all over the stadium were thinking that this was going to be the year. 

The next touchdown for the Spartans came with a little over a minute left in the first half.  Javon Ringer was running to his left when he collided with a pile of players from both teams.  With a quick spin move Ringer busted the run outside and there was no catching him from there.  He tore down the sideline to give MSU the lead again, 14-7.

After giving up a cheap touchdown right before half, the Spartans were tied 14-14 and were kicking off to start the second half.  The Wolverines actually structured a nice drive for the first time all day and used it to take a 21-14 lead over MSU.  You could see the worry on Spartan fans as they saw their lead evaporate.  Soon after, the Spartans used a good drive of their own to lead them to a touchdown from Hoyer to TE Charlie Gant to once again tie the game, 21-21.  You could hear the sigh of relief from the MSU alum across the stadium as the Spartans climbed back into the game.  There was no need to worry though, the 4th quarter was where Ringer shines.

After a small battle of field position, MSU got the ball back about halfway through the 4th quarter with a chance to take the lead.  After taking it down the field and inside the Wolverines 10 yard line, Ringer got his second TD of the game, this one from 2 yards out.  MSU had taken a 28-21 lead and there was no looking back.  After an interception by MSU’s Chris L. Rucker and a gutsy 4th down conversion by Dantonio the Spartans had control of the game.  Hoyer finished it off with a play-action TD pass to FB Jeff Mcpherson and it was all but over.

As the clock went to 0:00 and the scoreboard showed MSU 35 UM 21, you could hear the GO GREEN! GO WHITE! cheer making its way throughout the entire stadium.  We had finally done it!  We had gone into their house, ruined their season even more, and improved our record to 7-2.  Things couldn’t be better and I can honestly say, I’ve never been more proud to be a Spartan.


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