Burst Communication

Our class on Thursday is a perfect example of how technology is drastically changing the way we communicate in all types of settings.

It used to be that telephone and email were two of the quickest ways to communicate.  That has all changed in the last 5-7 years.  Texting has taken over the country and now is probably just as popular as actually talking on the phone.  It’s almost a combination of email and talking on the phone.  It’s like email in the sense that you’re using asynchronous communication where you don’t get an instant response when you’re communicating.  The nice thing about texting is that you get responses a lot quicker than email.  Also, you always have your phone on you but it’s a lot harder to find somewhere to check your email or drag around your laptop.

This new burst communication is changing the way work gets done because instead of sending an email you can quickly text and get an almost instant response.  The reason texting is just as useful as talking on the phone is because you can’t hear tone of voice or anything for that matter.  Say two companies are trying to make a deal on something but can’t agree on the price.  With texting, there would be constant communication going back and forth and it is unlikely that either side would get to angry because they would be texting instead of yelling at each other on the phone.

Another tool that is starting to be used a lot in the business world is the webcam that allows you to talk to almost anyone in the world face to face.  This is how giant corporations are doing their communication.  This probably closest related to talking on the phone since it is synchronous communication but with the webcam, you also see facial expressions and body language.  In the future years I think this kind of communication will be the most popular form so I have to be prepared for that.  I can’t rely on my texting abilities to get me through my career.  I have to have good communication skills no matter what the circumstances are.


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