Presidential Code Names

I’m writing this post related to a short article I read on yahoo about Obama and his family receiving nicknames from the secret service.

The first thing I was thinking when I read this article is why does the president’s family need secret code names?  How many people are involved enough with the president and secret service that they want to keep these names secret?  I’m guessing the secret service (who actually choose the code names) and the government have their own reasons.  Probably some paranoid defense against national security or something along those lines.

The second thing is why have these code names if everyone already knows them?  The article is about the nicknames given to Obama’s family as well as Biden and his wife.  The Obama family’s names all begin with the letter R and Biden and his wife  begin with C.  Barack will be known as Renegade (I guess that’s not bad for a president), his wife will be Renaissance (who knows why…), and his daughters are Radiance and Rosebud.  VP Joe Biden is Celtic (seems almost like a shot at Maverick) and his wife is Capri (pants?).

My main thought is what are the point of these names?  Does someone take this seriously enough to change the names now that the public are aware of them?  I just don’t see why they do this, why it would be made public, and why anybody really cares what the secret service are going to be calling their boss and his family. 

Anybody got any ideas?


One Response to “Presidential Code Names”

  1. singerth Says:

    Yeah, I saw this on the news. I wonder if it just makes the Secret Service feel cooler. Supposedly, this is not the first time that the names have been made public, I guess it is a normal thing. If I had to guess I would say that it is a practice based in the past. Maybe before the media became so prevalent and we knew everything the president and first family were doing anyway, the names were a way of protecting them. Maybe its just one of those things that had a purpose back in the day, and is now carried on for tradition. Maybe there was some crazy president at some point who demanded that everyone be called code names.

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